Two facts. One, Vines are 6-second videos for people with no attention span. Two, the average adult reading speed is 300 words per minute.

How long is a blog post in Vine terms, then? A meager 30 words. What about a 20-second post? Still only 100 words.

But 100 words is enough to pack a powerful punch. That’s great for time-pressed readers.

And the challenge of squeezing one idea into twenty seconds stretches writers.

We’re already done. To me, this felt like a Zen practice in frugality and intention. What about you?

8 thoughts on “Scriptiuncula

  1. I think a lot of vines in a row would leave me buzzing and wondering what I just saw. I often have to make my attention span wider or longer (A bit of adult onset ADD), but Id rather spend 6 seconds looking and experiencing a video of a thunderstorm or a flower blowing in the breeze than an infomercial.

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  2. Challenging your writing skills using this is excellent. It’d be good practise for everyone to try.

    How terrible is it that our attention spans might decrease? Are they even?
    Perhaps the content we would benefit from is at fault, for not having been crafted to convey the information qualiatively in compact chunks. Instead we pay attention to shorter content that happenes to be uselss. Apart from the increase in endorphines from laughter.

    I should rather think we could be enriched by the number of things it is possible to encounter when messages are shorter, but to the point. 😉

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