From Manhattan to Brooklyn

It wouldn’t really be right to let the whole of May go by without a single blog post. This month has been insanely busy — I applied for a hundred jobs, secured one of them (thank God), visited family, found a new place to live, moved in, and settled into my new work position.

Things have changed.

I used to live in luxurious Manhattan. Now I live in Brooklyn. No, not gritty, graffiti-plastered Brooklyn. My new neighborhood, Ditmas Park, looks like it was plucked from a small town in the Deep South. The Victorian-style houses have their own front lawns. I didn’t even know yards existed in New York City. Across the street, apartment kids kick basketballs against brick walls labeled “ABSOLUTELY NO BALL PLAY.” I dodge the balls as I run past, laughing with the kids instead of chastising them. The neighborhood is home to a host of immigrant communities. Most of the grocery stores are owned by and cater to Asians. The trash instructions on my apartment floor are listed first in Russian, then English. And you’re more likely to see a woman in a burqa than a North Face jacket.

I have new roommates, too: a nanny and a student of neuroscience!

My job, however, is in Manhattan. I’m a copywriter (although my official title is “word-crafter” — ha!) for a company that helps building managers operate luxury apartment complexes more effectively. Our office has free snacks!! It’s just stupidly nice. I still have time to write creatively in the evenings and on weekends, too. It’s a large amount of writing, and it wears me out, but it’s a good kind of worn out. Being justifiably exhausted is one of the best feelings in the world to me.

What else? I miss my family and friends, for sure. When I moved to New York in January, I had no idea how long I’d be staying. It almost felt like an extended vacation. Flying out for the second time, a few weeks ago, I felt a very acute sense of loneliness. I realized it was possible I’d be in the city for a very long time! And that meant I’d be far from my friends and family (but I have a guest bed for anyone who wants to visit! Nudge nudge, wink wink).

It’s still my dream to publish fiction. But my ultimate goal has always been to be happy. And right now having a salaried, full-time job, especially one that employs my writing talent, makes me very happy.

Am I not the luckiest person alive? I feel like the person Dumbledore described when he said that the happiest man in the world would look into the Mirror of Erised and see himself exactly as he is. I’m probably somewhat deluded in thinking that, but ignorance is bliss, right?

Expect regular blog posts now. I’m excited to read what I’ve missed from you all. Woop woop!!

15 thoughts on “From Manhattan to Brooklyn

  1. I love your upbeat description of your new neighborhood and job. The diversity of Ditmus Park sounds intriguing, especially for a writer who observes things like you. Your ultimate goal strikes me as balanced and wise. That is important to me. too.Cheers!! 🙂


    • Thanks! I’m definitely trying to improve my observational skills. Perhaps I will write a few posts about the neighborhood. And I’m glad you find my ultimate goal worthy!


  2. The widely diverse village communities in New York always amaze me with their color and their vibrancy. Wonderful to hear you have found a home there, and I wish you all the best with your new job. I look forward to your blogs about this life – it sounds fun!


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